Songs for pantomime


The Songs for Pantomime collection is a set of songs designed and created for Pantomimes by songwriter Tim J. Spencer. Some are generic, some are for characters, either good or evil. All are designed to be fun and to be something original for your show.

The pack comes as both a Piano Vocal Score (with lyric sheets to print out for your actors) and a double CD which includes both a guide vocal CD and a backing track CD if you are using backing tracks instead of musicians.

The price for the score and double CD pack is just £19.99 + p&p. You can also just buy the score on its own as either a pdf (for £9.99) or hard copy (for just £12.99 + p&p)

The MP3 player on the right hand side has several of the tracks to listen to. Those on the MP3 Player are highlighted. To buy any of the panto products please visit the Panto Products page now

Songs for pantomime track list

  1. We're having a party - Opening/Finale Number
  2. Welcome to the best days of your lives - Opening/Finale Number
  3. The Merry Christmas Time - Opening/Finale Number
  4. That Crazy Beat - Dame Song
  5. Beautiful Body - Dame Song
  6. We're in the Money - Dame Song
  7. I Know - Arrogant Bad Guy Song
  8. Evil Songs - Baddie Number
  9. Worship Me Instead - Baddie Number
  10. I Want to be your Man - Dame Admirer Song
  11. I Don't want to die - Dame, Fool and Cat
  12. There are no ghosts a haunting around here - Ghost routine
  13. Fight the Fight - Off to fight the baddie song
  14. For once in my life - Love Song
  15. Lost in your eyes - Love Song
  16. The Magic of your Smile - Love Song
  17. Cleaning - Junior Chorus Song
  18. The Kettlewell Grind - Songsheet
  19. Well Done Priscilla - Songsheet
  20. The Greatest Inventions- Songsheet

All songs are by Tim J. Spencer and produced for the album by Steve Vent