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Pantomime Musical Sound Effects CDs Volumes 1 & 2
These two double CDs are filled with everything from Underscores, to overtures to playons and offs. From comedy and lighthearted to serious and dark ‘baddie’ melodies. With an array of bangs, whizzes, crashes, drum fills, timp rolls, xylophone stings and various other sound effects these two CDs are a must for any Sound Man involved in Panto.

songs for pantomime


Songs for Pantomime
20 Songs for Pantomime by Tim J. Spencer This selection of 20 songs has been created by Tim to encompass all aspects of a Panto. From Dame songs, to songsheets, love songs to baddie songs the selection gives a director new options rather than scouring for something that might fit. There’s even a Ghost routine song for something a little different than the absolute norm. Songs for Pantomime is available as a pdf download of the score, or a hard copy score with double CD which includes both the vocal guide version as well as the backing tracks.